I love America

So the 4th of July is one of my all time favorite holidays. I love being outside with friends and being in the lake. So that’s where this post belongs. I remembered I had found a star shirt at Reach Reuseables Thriftshop.

 Honestly, when we first found this we could not figure out how it was worn. I was expecting the tie to be in the back but then the arm holes were weird sizes. After looking at it ALOT, I realized the tie goes to the side of the neck. My first step was to make it one shoulder so I used a seam ripper to cut off the tie portion.

 Then I had to decide how to cut it into old shoulder. I put it on myself to line it up and then marked where to cut it.

I then had to close up the seams that I had cut open. I sewed the top of the shoulder to the front and back.

I also like to use left overs. So that being said, I had the neck strap I wanted to do something with. I thought about tying it to the shoulder. But I have done that before. So I decided to make it into a belt.

DONE! This might actually be my favorite one I have designed. And it fit me which was a plus. Pair it with white or red bottoms and you’re ready for the 4th weekend! Here’s the transformation…..


4th of July ideas

The 4th of July is coming up so here’s some ideas on outfits….

Bandeaus are extremely popular! Especially with the summer heat. Wear it alone at the lake, or with a chiffon shirt over it.

You also need shorts for the summer. Don’t wear both flag pieces at the same time. Either one on top or bottom with a plain color on the other half of you.

American tank top


My advice on where to find 4th of July apparel….Forever 21 in the West Acres mall or LOT 2029, which just opened in downtown Fargo. It has AMAZING clothes to choose from.

If you don’t want to have a complete flag theme, any coloring of red, white and blue is fun to wear. Just make sure you enjoy the time you have with the people you love :)


Just Studding

I decided to try something new that I’ve always wanted to do: studs. A friend of mine makes a ton of great clothes just by adding simple little designs to them. There are also very popular to see in store. I started with a basic pair of denim shorts from Reach Reuseable Thrift Store.

Next, I went to JoAnn’s fabric in Fargo and Michael’s Craft Store. From there I found different studs and applications that would work on fabrics.

The stones needs to be cut out from the wrapping they are in. You can cut them individually or you can make patterns out of them. They get placed on the fabric and then ironed on from the back side. This took a little while to get them to stick, so make sure you have a hot iron.

 After they are stuck on, peel off the clear layer of plastic.

 From there, you’re done!

These stones can be added anyway you want to add them! Front, back, top or bottom. Once you start it’s really fun.


No Sewing Required

When people come to my house they are always shocked when they see a sewing machine on my table. You sew? They always ask. And then they continue to tell me a story about how they tried once in middle school and it turned out terrible. So I decided to try a project that didn’t require sewing. To show that you can make anything with little details and no sewing. This is the original garment…..

 I picked up this shirt from the thrift shop because I liked the pattern and was hoping to do something with it.

First I cut off the sleeves

  I literally just took shears (or sharp scissors work too) and cut along the seam so it wouldn’t unravel.

Then I wasn’t sure what to do. I wanted to add something new to it. So I took apart another article of clothes. This is another skirt that I have from Reach Reusables Thrift Store….

I cut off the bottom black strip from the skirt….

 I wanted to make a bow out of this. One side was black and the other side was green, black and white. It matched the top pretty well. I tied on the bow to one of the shoulders and it was done!

 I only added a bow to one side, but it could be added for both. For more stability, feel free to put a few stitches into the bow. This was super easy and took no more than 30 minutes.


June Gloom

With all the rainy weather, it is easy to not want to go outside. Getting ready for the day has become an annoyance. It’s supposed to be summer!! Here are some ideas to help a rainy day:

1. Raincoat: Make sure you’re raincoat has a hood. That always comes in handy.

2. Quilted jacked: Added padding for warmth. Hopefully it’s warm rain in the summer and you don’t have to worry about this.

3. Rain boots:  Rain boots have become increasingly popular. We had some tall black ones at my store last fall. They keep your pants and your feet dry. Colored ones are even better.

4. Umbrella: Many stores do carry fashion umbrellas that work great. Except in the wind. And this town is very windy. So make sure you find one that fits your lifestyle.

5. Scarf: It’s still okay to wear scarves!! Even though they are mostly seen in the winter, a thin, patterned scarf is definitely acceptable this time of year.

Snuggle up, watch movies and pray for some sunshine. Whatever you choose to wear, my main advice: Don’t wear flip flops. I screwed up on that one.

Save it for a rainy day

When it rains in town, it pours. Today is a rainy day. And when it comes to accessories, I’m a little obsessed. Whether it’s jewelry, purses or scarves. I chose to turn a patterned skirt into a new purse.

I first cut the bottom of the skirt to create the strap. Depending on how long you need the purse to be, I had to make adjustments.

I decided how big I wanted the purse to be next. You could create a handbag, satchel or clutch. The skirt even had pink lining on the inside, which made the inside of the purse even better.

Creating the flap: I had two decisions for the closure, create a flap or use the zipper from the original skirt. Zipper would have been a little tricky. One of my own favorite purses is one that has a flap on it.

Here’s the end:



First dress, new dress

So I decided to start with something easy. I found this pink dress at Reach Reusables Thrift Store. My first thought was that it reminded me of a hippie or festival dress.

My first idea was to cut it shorter and make it a cropped shirt, but still keep the fringe. Then I thought about who would wear it, and the demographic probably wouldn’t be as big as I hoped. So I got a new idea.

I knew I wanted to make it a halter top, so that was my first step. I cut the straps in the back and sewed it into one strap. Then I had to decide what to do with the fringe.

  The fringe was kinda hectic and all over the place, so I cut it all off. I then decided to make groups of 3 and braid it.  This is how the braid turned out. I wrapped and sewed it around the waist….and this is the final product.

I feel like the dress is way classier and put together now :) I might even want it myself. Buuuuut it will be returned to Reuseables Thrift Store.

It was super fun to get creative and come up with this. Can’t wait to start more projects!!


Summer is here

After this long cold winter, summer is finally here! I’ve been asked what the trends will be for summer 2013. With the upcoming refashions, I will be making  a lot of summer garments. Maxi dresses and skirts are super popular this year. They are fashionable and functional and no hassle like shorter skirts. Another trend is floral print. Whether its a top or a bottom. But the key is not to go too crazy with it.  If you have a floral bottom, make sure the topic is a plain, neutral color. Do not have too many crazy prints going on. As for shoes, wedges are the way to go this year. They don’t need to be too high and uncomfortable to still be in fashion.

Have a fabulous memorial day! I’m still trying to figure out all this blog stuff so look for my first outfit on Sunday 5/26.


Fashion blogs coming soon!

Hey guys!

I am super excited to be a part of this new project for Reach. Each week I will be adding posts of clothing items that I have redone. These clothes are items picked out from the thrift shop, revamped, and then brought back to the thrift shop for sale! Pretty neat.

I graduated from North Dakota State University for Apparel and Retail Merchandising, or fashion design in simple terms.  I am currently a manager at Wet Seal in West Acres Mall. I have wanted to do something like this for awhile and Amber Dahl, volunteer coordinator at REACH, contacted me with the idea. I am super excited to get started.