Summer is here

After this long cold winter, summer is finally here! I’ve been asked what the trends will be for summer 2013. With the upcoming refashions, I will be making¬† a lot of summer garments. Maxi dresses and skirts are super popular this year. They are fashionable and functional and no hassle like shorter skirts. Another trend is floral print. Whether its a top or a bottom. But the key is not to go too crazy with it.¬† If you have a floral bottom, make sure the topic is a plain, neutral color. Do not have too many crazy prints going on. As for shoes, wedges are the way to go this year. They don’t need to be too high and uncomfortable to still be in fashion.

Have a fabulous memorial day! I’m still trying to figure out all this blog stuff so look for my first outfit on Sunday 5/26.